Winner of 3d-printed lamp for FOC Talents 2010-Q3 assignment

While searching for organic forms in nature, I was looking at how plants work.
I wanted to find rather systems than shapes to copy. One basic rule is that nature doesn't create a straight line - human does. Sometimes plants work seemingly mathematically and usually they repeat themselves. They multiply, for example mushrooms have their networks underground or the same type of trees create forests.

Like nature, 3d-printing is at its best in using organic forms. It builds the strongest and most durable constructions. 3d-printing allows or almost pushes one to think and create like nature.

Cresco is Latin and means to multiply. My lightning designs take inspiration from nature and combine other ideas and forms together. It represents the variety in nature's organic forms.

Color White

Material Laser Sintered Polyamide

Price 460e

FOC Talents is a global online network of talented, young and pre-selected designers that send in Computer Aided Designs every quarter, based on a prior given design brief. All Talents designs that match the design brief are produced and commercialized by FOC or one of its partners. The digital nature of 3D Printed product development allows FOC to cooperate with the most promising 3D designers on the planet, who only require a computer and internet access. FOC believes that the young, digital and international nature of the Talents will result in successful new products that represent the future archetypes for digitally created shapes and cultural diversity.

All images by FOC / Freshfibers