Pekka Salokannel is an international award-winning Industrial Designer from Finland whose passion lies in 3D printed product design.

Salokannel began his career studying (2003-2007) Industrial design at The Lahti Institute of Design in Lahti, Finland. Upon graduating from Lahti Institute of Design with a BA in Industrial design, Pekka had the opportunity to work as a designer in company Golla. During those 4 years Pekka gathered extensive knowledge and experience of product design aimed at electronic devices and also great knowledge of textiles.

2012 Salokannel joined in Tinkercad - worlds first 3D program that runs in the browser. As a Technical Artist he was responsible of educational part of the site. He also designed inspirational and educational content for the users and worked together closely with other big players in the field like Makerbot, Mozilla Festival and 3D Printshow. He gathered extensive knowledge and experience of 3D printing aimed at consumers.

Early 2013 he started his company Fabrigate that is offering consultation, design and educational services. Design has included co-operation with companies like Shapeways, Cubify and Twikit. When he is not designing, he is an ambassador for 3D printing. Salokannel has been guest speaker, giving lectures and workshops in UK, China, Russia and Finland.

Pekka is currently developing Colors of Birch that is 3D printed eyewear and jewelry focused fashion brand. Colors of Birch has been exhibited at Paris Fashion Week, CHIC International Clothing & Accessories Fair in Beijing, the 3D Print Show in London and Ground3d exhibition in Amsterdam.

Pekka has got numerous awards including a FOC Talents lightning competition award in 2011 (, a Martela Inspiring spaces award in 2011 (, second place in a FOC Talents necklace competition in 2012 and placed 6th from nearly 4000 participants in Sound innovation competition in 2009 ( Publications there have been wide range from interviews of Wired to designs in Swarovski's inspiration books.

Salokannel's personal interests lie in concept design and development. He have broad understanding of hard and soft goods design process, which helps in cooperation between concept and execution. These skills and gathered knowledge has created a strong base for educating other people with same interests.



Personal info

Pekka Salokannel
1982, Helsinki, Finland


Industrial design: Institute of Design Lahti polytechnic, Finland, 2003-2008

Work experience

Technical Artist: Tinkercad, 2012 >
Industrial designer: Colors of Birch, 2011
Industrial designer: Golla Oy, 2007-2011
Industrial designer: Softsolutions international Oy, 2006
Industrial designer: Contecor Oy, 2006
Interior trimmer: Ikea, 2006
Industrial designer: Alien snowboards, 2004 & 2005

Project works

Industrial designer: Lundia, 2012 (Exhibition design)
Industrial designer: Martela, 2011-2012 (award winning concept developement)
Industrial designer: Freedom of Creation, 2010-2012 (FOC Talents)
Industrial designer: Heartagram, 2006 (graduation project)
Industrial designer: Rocla Oy, 2006 (school project)
Industrial designer: Raute precision Oy, 2005 (school project)
Industrial designer: Buster Oy, boat company, 2005 (school project)




Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
3 DS Max
Maxwell render
Microsoft Office

Awards / achievements

1st place, Martela Inspiring spaces award, 2011
1st place, FOC Talents Q3-2010, 3d-printed pendant lamp
2nd place, FOC Talents Summer-2011, 3d-printed necklace
Cresco-lamp in Finnish design yearbook 2012
Behind the scenes, Exhibition 2009
7th from 3487 participants, Sound innovation competition, 2009
Inspired by passion topaz - SWAROVSKI - Book, 2009
ENLIGHTENED - Swarovski Elements WATCH INSPIRATIONS - Book, 2008
3rd place, Canal digital - Graphic design competition, 2005