CHARACTER - Wrist watch

Graduation project

I did my graduation project for Lahti University of Applied Sciences, for the department of Industrial Design. The subject of my project was to do a wristwatch concept for the Heartagram brand. My aim was to design a product that fits today's rock and skateboarding cultures, without forgetting the brand image of Heartagram. I orientated to the project by analysing the production of the band called HIM and how Bam Margera has affected the image.

My main goal was to design a wristwatch that would be visually desirable and easy to use. I took into consideration some facts that would affect the producing, so that the watch would be easy to transform to production. I wanted to give an example with my graduation project what industrial design can offer to the industry of merchandises of music.

The co-operation person for my project was Seppo Vesterinen, the manager of HIM.

Keywords: Heartagram, wristwatch, merchandise, brand.